Debut disappointment: Jordan Siebatcheu fails to impress in starting eleven appearance

This starting eleven debut went wrong!

Jordan Siebatcheu (27) is on loan from Union Berlin for a year with an option to buy in order to increase the quality of the Gladbach striker.

In his first appearance from the start, the center forward wasn’t able to show any of this: in the 0-1 defeat in the friendly against Werder Bremen, his colleagues kept looking for him – but Jordan didn’t have a proper finish in the entire game.

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In addition, in front of almost 3,000 fans in Willingen: When the American got the ball promisingly in the penalty area, he was too playful and wanted to cross again and combine nicely. So the Sunday after next in Darmstadt (September 17th, 5:30 p.m./DAZN) he will definitely remain just the joker behind Tomas Cvancara (23).

But three others drew attention to themselves, who are currently more or less frustrated!

Wolf, Hack and Olschowsky show their qualities

For example Hannes Wolf (24)! The Austrian, who was actually supposed to leave Gladbach this transfer summer but couldn’t find a taker, was allowed to play against Bremen in the tenth position. Wolf showed some strong dribbling, a lot of running, but also: zero threat of scoring.

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Source: Instagram, YouTube, X, BILD September 8, 2023

Anders Robin Hack (25)! He was a regular player on the front left throughout the preparation, then lost touch with the flu and was only a reservist three times. In Willingen he had the best chance to score the lead, only hitting the post after a beautiful solo in the 56th minute. It’s also telling here: Jordan got the rebound centrally in front of the goal, but didn’t dare to stop. It was then easy for Bremen to defend his lay-off.

Third frustration for Borussia in the spotlight: keeper Jan Olschowsky (22)! He had actually been guaranteed number 2 status under Daniel Farke (44/now Leeds), but when Jonas Omlin (29/shoulder surgery) signed off, Seoane relied on Moritz Nicolas (26). Olschowsky was able to distinguish himself several times against Bremen and also played well in the build-up.

In the second half, Nicolas came on for Olschowsky – and had no chance of conceding the goal after a mistake by U23 player Noah Andreas (20). Justin Njinmah only had to push into the left corner in the 86th minute.

But the most important insight for Seoane that evening: In order to integrate Jordan into the Gladbach game, he will have to invest a lot of time and patience!

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