Coach Andrea Gabrielli Reflects on Senigallia Basketball’s Tournament Performance

Coach Andrea Gabrielli commented on the two matches played last weekend by Senigallia basketball on the occasion of the Tournament “The Sea in the Basket” played at PalaPanzini Of Senigallia. These are some of his words reported by Il Resto del Carlino – Ancona Edition:

“It was still an important tournament both because it remembered who is no longer here and because it helped us understand where we are after a month of preparation. We needed to play matches. I’m not completely satisfied with what emerged against Pisaurum and Porto Recanati but it is difficult to judge matches with so much training behind us. In terms of condition we are essentially at the point where we should have been. What fully satisfies me is the work that is done in the gym every day by a group of players who are new.”

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2023-09-22 08:01:32
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