Apple and Huawei fight market under EU-Chin tension – El Sol de México

Apple and Huawei fight market under EU-Chin tension – El Sol de México

The geopolitical confrontations between the United States and China generate greater tension between the main technology companies of each nation: Apple and Huawei. Both compete in the mobile phone market and the differences between their governments have complicated their production processes, especially in the supply of chips.

In an interview, Gonzalo Rojon, Vice President of Research at The CIU, clarified that this is not really a war between both companies, but rather a reflection of the tensions between countries.

“The war between Apple and Huawei is mainly due to government restrictions. While American companies cannot sell components to Chinese companies, the Chinese government now prohibits its officials from using iPhones.”

In 2019, the North American country imposed restrictions on Huawei, prohibiting it from acquiring technological components from American companies due to national security concerns.

In addition, then-President Donald Trump added Huawei to an export blacklist for the same reasons, causing a drop in sales for the Asian company.

Rojon considered Huawei to be a strong competitor, but after the US restrictions, it lost strength.

One of the problems facing the Chinese firm is the lack of Google applications and services on its devices, which would limit its competitiveness in the market.

“Without Google’s operating system it is very complicated, no matter how hard they try and how many people are involved, not everyone is comfortable with the lack of Android on these types of devices,” he commented.


Huawei was competing with Apple and Samsung for the title of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, however, with American restrictions, the Chinese company saw a decline in its sales, especially in its native country. Even so, globally, China is the third largest cell phone market.

This dominant position in China was taken by Apple, which recently announced the iPhone 15, which was not well received in China, as government agencies and state-owned companies banned staff from using Apple phones. In addition to this, China announced in July restrictions on the export of the metals gallium and germanium, which are used to manufacture semiconductors used to produce cell phones.

According to the Chinese government, these measures were implemented to protect national security and interests, requiring exporters to obtain a permit to ship products related to these metals. Although this can complicate the global production of cell phones for a company like Apple, Rojon explained that these measures taken by the Chinese government are not yet compared to the restrictions placed on Huawei in 2019.

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“China prohibited officials from having an Apple device in government offices, but this is something that has existed for a long time for security reasons, and not only in China, so it cannot be compared with the same magnitude of the restrictions that happened to Huawei.”

In China, several users have compared the iPhone 15 Pro with the Mate 60 Pro on Weibo, a social network similar to Twitter. Although many applaud the capacity of the chip that Huawei used.

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