A Cangas with more game than points

Al Morrazo Refrigerators-Construcciones Castro still missing a “something” in this first month of competition. A point of fortune. Or tranquility. Or trustworthy. The truth is that the sensations and the game offered by the squad trained by Nacho Moyano They are more than optimistic, but the first victory of the season eludes them. On Sunday they added a draw against Benidorm, but the general impression is that they lost a point. “The feeling is annoying because you see yourself as a winner several times and In the end, the team that manages to tie seems to win the game.”, the coach reflected yesterday.

A point that knows little for Cangas

When analyzing that “something” that Cangas Moyano is missing so far, it points to the need to minimize “blackouts” and “disconnections”” that the team suffers in several phases and that prevent them from finishing the match. “On Sunday I think that if we had achieved that fourth goal [la acción en la que el Frigoríficos pudo ponerse 34-30 con menos de cinco minutos por delante] the game would be closed,” he acknowledges.

The Refrigerators He imposed his game and rhythm for much of the first half, until the 5.1 defense of the Alicante team began to sow doubts. “We started attacking it very well and generated clear shooting situations, but When you don’t transform them, doubts begin to arise.”, concede.

Cangas looks for its “round” match

Within those mini partidos that make up the whole of a party, the Benidorm was better in several phases of the second period. But even so, the one who had the option to close it on two occasions was Frigoríficos. “We are missing a victory that serves as a boost to all the work we are doing, which is a lot and very good. Right now we have more sensations than points. Let’s hope that this is like uncorking a bottle and that when the first victory comes, the rest will follow,” says the Frigoríficos del Morrazo coach.

Among the arguments that invite optimism is the ascending line of the Cangas: In each of the three games he has played in this start of Asobal he has always improved from the previous one and with options to score until the last moment. “That is the positive reading, In each game we compete better and we have never been out. We have to continue working and trusting in what we do and achieve that something else that we are missing, which may be a little more luck or confidence,” concludes Moyano.

The Frigoríficos del Morrazo players gathered on the court after the match against Benidorm. SANTOS ALVAREZ

Brais recovered, Gaius pending tests

Frigoríficos began last week with Brais González doubtful for Sunday’s game. The Lalinense was finally there and scored seven goals. The one who had to stay out was Martín Gayo with discomfort in one knee. “We don’t know exactly what’s wrong with him and he’s waiting for more tests,” says Moyano, meaning his participation in the meeting Saturday against Nava is currently an unknown.

Gayo’s last-minute loss forced Moyano to call up young Manu Pérez, who already played a few minutes with Luceros on Sunday morning. The player still needs more training and matches to reach his level of fitness after overcome a long-term injury.

The one who debuted in Asobal was Javier Azurmendi, who competes with Gael Blanco to occupy the second position from the far right for the moments when Jenilson Varela is not on the court.

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