Unusual Expulsion of Omar Mendoza and Hard Defeat for Querétaro in Match Against Atlas

Querétaro and Atlas are offering a great game at the Corregidora Stadium in the match corresponding to Matchday 5 of the Apertura 2023. However, one of the most outstanding moments was the unusual expulsion of Omar Mendoza for ‘improper touching’ on Juan Manuel Zapata.

VAR notified the referee Fernando Hernández about the situation and when reviewing it, he did not hesitate to show the footballer from Gallos the red card.

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Regrettable expulsion of Omar Mendoza

Querétaro was left with a man less against Atlas after an unusual attack by Omar Mendoza on Juan Manuel Zapata. The VAR notified Fernando Hernández about what happened and he immediately decided to expel the footballer from Gallos. The Mexican winger couldn’t believe when he saw the red card and know that he would leave his team with one less.

Hard defeat for Gallos

Querétaro was vastly superior to Atlas in the pending match of Matchday 5 of the Apertura 2023 at the Corregidora Stadium. Gallos got tired of forgiving in the first half and it was the foxes who took advantage and left with the advantage before the break.

Augusto Solari opened the scoring in stoppage time with a solid header that bounced off the crossbar and ended up hitting the net.

Brutal goal and deserved partial tie

Los Gallos were left with a man less due to the expulsion of Omar Mendoza, but they continued to be superior and were able to equalize thanks to a great goal from Emanuel Gularte with a powerful shot from outside the area.

They won ‘A la Atlas’

When it seemed that they would divide units, Atlas surprised again and Juan Manuel Zapata scored the winning goal ‘A la Atlas’ in compensation time.

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