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No goalkeeper tricks on penalties, longer stoppage time and clarifications on offside: With the start of the new season this Friday (8.30 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Bundesliga, on DAZN and Sat.1) some rule adjustments will take effect in the Bundesliga. An overview:

Goal despite an additional person on the pitch

Argentina’s goal to make it 3-2 in the World Cup final leads to a rule change. When Lionel Messi scored, two of the team’s substitutes were already on the pitch near the halfway line. After consistent application of the rules, the goal should not have counted. Now, however, the decisive rule 3 states that there is only a direct free kick for the opponent if an additional person on the field also “intervenes in the game”.

Further support for the referee

The replacement assistant referee will be given new powers. According to amended Rule 6, if he or she has a better view than the Referee of a game situation, he or she should contribute to the decision-making process. Previously, this was reserved for assistants only.

Longer stoppage time

Extensive celebration of a goal can already reduce the net playing time significantly. To compensate for this, the goal celebration was included as a new point in Rule 7 “Duration of the game”. “This is reflected in added time depending on the goals scored,” said DFB instructor Lutz Wagner on The tendency towards a longer extra playing time is likely to solidify (similar to the recent FIFA tournaments).

More clarity on offside

Rule 11 now explains in more detail when offside is canceled by “deliberately playing” the ball. The defending player is acting intentionally when he could control the ball while not being under obvious distress. Additional parameters such as the distance traveled, the expected direction and speed of the ball, the player’s vision and the time for a coordinated action have been added. It is also established that it is easier to play the ball on the ground than in the air.

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No games before penalties

The goalkeepers use their space to throw penalty takers off balance. In the future this one will be smaller. The goalkeeper is no longer allowed to hit the goalpost or crossbar or shake the goal net in order to irritate the shooter and thereby gain an advantage.


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