Seven Reasons Why Neymar Should Never Return to Barcelona

After a decade in Europe paying from more to less, Neymar He will play in Arabia for the next two years. However, for days we have watched, stunned, the investigations of The door for playing off NeyNot even for a course. It is true that the team lacks imbalance, but there were at least seven reasons not to bring him back. Not in paint.

1. The way he left in 2017, betraying the club, was already reason enough to never bring him back.

2. Yes Xaviwho knows him well, does not want him on the squad, is another reason that would have to suffice on its own.

3. In the end, in these six years, Dembele’s has played more matches for Barça (178) than Neymar at PSG (173), where he has spliced ​​injury after injury.

4. Better to prepare the future with the illusion of La Masía (Ansu20 years, Lamine Yamal16) than with a chrome in the doldrums, confused at night.

5. Someone who denounced the club cannot and should not return. He demanded that Barça pay him 43,650,000 euros that they owed him as a renewal premium. Barça won the case and the player had to return 6.7 million to the club.

6. It would be paradoxical if The door y And youwhich in 2016 were presented as a private accusation for the Barça-Prosecutor’s pact for Neymarnow they entrust themselves to the star signing of Rosell.

7. It would be the last straw if Pini Zahaviwhich took Neymar to Paris, to collect commission again for bringing Neymar back to Barça for another friend and ex-partner of The door to be. Zahavi He collected 13 million of those 222 from the escape, left Barça touched and was the beginning of what the opposition called “the perfect storm”.

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