These are Cervera’s concerns after the first two matchdays at Real Oviedo

One of the characteristics of Álvaro Cervera is his clarity. The Cantabrian coach is transparent defining how he likes his teams to play and forceful when he is not liking something, such as the two games that Oviedo has played since the start of the season. In the press conference after the defeat (1-0) against Tenerife and in which he gave before and after drawing (1-1) with Racing de Ferrol it was clear: he is not liking his team .

After the defeat in Tenerife. Cervera, after losing at Heliodoro Rodríguez López, recognized his team’s shortcomings: “We lose the ball very easily, we lacked the strength to take the duels, they were all theirs and so in the Second Division it is very difficult, if you don’t win duels” . The Spaniard lamented that “every ball divided was theirs”: “We had very little strength in the center and so it is very difficult for the wingers to get up and running,” he added. Without hiding, Cervera made his concerns clear: “I know the team I have and the chances of this Oviedo, we will have opportunities to win in all fields but not doing some things. The two most dangerous shots in Tenerife are a throw-in and a corner. That worries me”.

Before playing against Racing de Ferrol. One of the things that bothers Cervera the most is making unproductive passes, something that, in his opinion, happened to them in Tenerife: “The other day I don’t know how many passes we gave, a horrible number of passes, all in our field. For me, If you want to give passes, if you really want to be good, you have to give them in the opponent’s field.” In the style that the Oviedo coach is trying to implement, it is important to make few mistakes and take care of set pieces, which is why he was annoyed by how the goal that cost them the defeat in Tenerife came about: “The goal comes from a throw-in and the most dangerous shot comes from a corner. Then they didn’t shoot anymore. Limiting those things, which we had limited, we are a team that even playing badly doesn’t have to lose. But maybe we have to start from scratch again, maybe not from scratch, but it can’t be that in a round trip throw-in they put it on you and a goal comes. We were good at those things last year because we managed to limit them”.

After drawing at the Tartiere. Cervera assured after the match against Racing de Ferrol that “eleven against eleven they have been much better, they passed easily and we could not steal, and when they pressed they stole from us. They have been better,” he insisted. The game changed with the expulsion: “Things change, you have less danger behind, but we still lack something to do damage. If it’s not Viti’s speed… We lack something to do damage”. In short, Cervera acknowledged his concern: “I’m not happy, I don’t like what I see. I like to win duels, steal, have speed and so far we haven’t won duels or gained speed.”

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