The hunt for a striker for the goal: Sporting’s eternal pending account

Buy goal. It is Sporting’s goal for the end of the market. The numbers give to incorporate a “9”. Both the president and the coach of the entity openly stated it. Right now Djuka and Jeraldino are the only players for that position, with Campuzano also as an alternative, although he is not included in the plans and is one of the candidates to leave, which would free up another chip and salary margin to focus well on another striker -as Ramírez slipped after the game in Valladolid– or turn the goals towards another demarcation, like another footballer for the midfield. But in the current scenario there is no room for more conjectures than to incorporate an attacker. A position that has been choking on Sporting since the last descent.

Except for Djuka, who has settled since his arrival in 2018, the swing of “nines” has been constant. Counting the Serbian, there have been eleven players signed in these seven seasons. Except for Michael Santos, with a record of 17 goals in a single season, the rest of the forwards went unnoticed.

Sporting therefore seeks one more summer in the market to hit a benchmark for attack that provides goals and contributes solvency. Djuka, with 193 games and 62 goals, has been the one with the most continuity, but his performance has been irregular. Although it is true that in this period no other pure striker has overshadowed him. Álvaro Vázquez, with six goals between 2019 and 2021, and Cristo González with the same number last year, have been the only ones who have overshadowed him.

This search for an attacker has also choked Sporting every summer, accustomed to starting the season always pending the arrival of a reinforcement for that demarcation. It happened last year with Cristo González, whose loan was closed after the first day. It also happened with Djuka and Blackman in 2018, who landed in Gijón after the first minutes of the course. But it is that it has not only happened in summer, but also in the winter market, and on many occasions even rushing to the final stretch of that stage. As with Ramírez, Álex Alegría and Nano Mesa, who arrived on the last day.

Djuka, Álvaro Vázquez, Campuzano and Jeraldino arrived as property, while the rest ended up in Gijón on loan: Scepovic, Michael Santos, Nano Mesa, Blackman, Álex Alegría, Eric Ramírez and Cristo González.

Regarding performance, Campuzano, still in the squad, has left just 3 goals in 49 games, the same goals as Álex Alegría but in 16 games. Scepovic, for his part, got five in the first part of the 2017-2018 season, while Nano Mesa did two in the second. Without any goals scored, Ramírez stood, who arrived for the end of the 2021-2022 League; and Jeraldino, who landed in Gijón in the winter transfer window last season from Santos –Orlegi’s Mexican club–, and who has now arrived in Gijón as his own.

On the eternal hunt for the goal Pablo Antuna

Sporting, with a tight salary cap, is now scanning the market to find the long-awaited reinforcement for the attack, either again through a transfer, which could be the most likely option, or by acquiring a player, an option that may seem like much more complicated in this final stretch of the market, which has two weeks left.

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