Tennis Pro Rafael Nadal Becomes Coach to Pop Star Sebastian Yatra at Nadal Academy

Tennis pro Rafael Nadal returns to the court as the coach of a pop starNadal Academy

Rest, unwind and just do nothing. That was actually the plan Rafael Nadal. The tennis pro is recovering from an injury and preparing for what will probably be his last professional season. Now the Mallorcan has picked up the bat again. Not to get himself in shape, but for the pop singer Sebastian Yatra give a crash course in tennis.

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Nadal is firmly anchored in the world of the beautiful and rich. Again and again he appears in the social networks with well-known athletes, musicians or celebrities from other industries. Sebastian Yatra is a Colombian and in Latin America, the US and in Spain with hits like „Treacherous“ and „One Year“ a big number. In addition, he is the boyfriend of the Spanish singer Aitana (“Mon amour”). The 28-year-old is said to play a show match ahead of the US Open. The tournament in Flushing Meadows starts in a week and a half.

Yatra took tennis lessons at Nadal Academy

Since his handling of the racket is much poorer than that of the microphone, Yatra asked Nadal, who is said to have agreed immediately. The singer took Tennis lessons at the academy and hit a few balls over the net with Rafa. He played padel with Nadal’s sister Maribel.

The tennis pro was visibly pleased with the visit. It is uncertain when the 37-year-old will return to the field himself. A possible date is the Davis Cup in November. Nadal wants to say goodbye to all tournaments he likes in the coming season.

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