Ramírez and the nice nod to Djuka for the goal, the girls and the discos: “The closer you get, the further they get away”

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, Sporting’s coach, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s resounding victory against Mirandés. The coach valued it as a gift to the fans and the path to follow for the following days, at least in terms of intensity and attitude. He also left a nice wink at Djuka.

The match. “We had insisted a lot on what we had to improve in order to give our people a gift. We really wanted to generate enthusiasm for them, that they see that we want to be another Sporting”.

Best first half. I don’t know if it will be the best. We have had good parts. We have been very solid. It has been understood very well what we had to do. Sometimes the goals come in, other times they don’t, today we were fortunate that they came in early”.

Back to the illusion “We try to isolate ourselves from the noise, from the ups and downs of success and failure, to analyze well what we have to do. We have to be rigorous in victory and defeat. You live with it and you have to normalize it ”.

Front missing. “I am happy with the group that there is. With the group we can compete and we can be another Sporting. But everything that can come to raise the level of the squad is justified by itself”.

direct game. “We knew how they were going to defend us, that they were going to live man to man. It belonged to the game plan (direct play)”.

Pascanu, side. “The winger he was going to face was surely one of the best of Mirandés. In the stopped ball we also added a higher and stronger element ”.

Example to follow. “There are parties and parties. From the attitude, the energy, how intense we were with and without the ball, without a doubt. If we can repeat it in 42 games, we will have more wins than losses”.

Gaspar and Pablo. “They understand each other very well. The two have played many years together. Pablo gives us more speed, he is very intelligent. Gaspar, same. They have matured in the time they have been out. I told Gaspi that he deserved a ride like that. He feels Sporting like few others. He loves the club. He deserves that ovation.”

Impulse. “We all needed a game like this, in which we could see what we are capable of when we do things well. Having been connected with the public as we have. I remember matches like the one in Granada, in which people pushed us. On the way, seeing so many people we received, I thought, that is loyalty, fidelity… Maybe we deserved something else, but they were here again. We have been almost twenty thousand. I’m glad to give them joy.”

Yanez. “It was a triumph for the club to have brought him. He is a porter. He is going to give us many joys ”.

Nacho Mendez. “He has worked a lot to deserve to play again. He really wanted to go back. He is a player who interprets the game very well, very intelligent, he commands the rest. His injury is complicated on a mental level, and he has returned without fear, that’s why he deserves to play ”.

Lisci sees Sporting in the play-off. “I have said the same thing to Lisci. Mirandés has a great team. They are going to give a lot of war ”.

Second half. “The normal thing is that we suffer. They come from thrashing Alcorcón. Physically, people start to fall and when you make a lot of changes… The result also plays in the mind”.

Market. “We would like to incorporate someone, but it is not up to us. We analyze the options. Some get complicated, because the player you want chooses others. We have to wait until the last day to see what we can do both in terms of starts and entries”.

The environment. “Sporting fans have been giving them something else for years. The fans want to see their team compete better and win a lot, they don’t want to hear anything”.

Djuka and Villaba. “Fran has come from a couple of weeks unemployed. She is not in that normal ankle condition, but she can compete. Let’s see if little by little we recover the best version of it. Regarding Djuka, the goal is like the girls at the disco, the closer you get, the further away they go. The same thing happens with the goal. If you obsess, walk away.”

Locker room. “The player is not stupid and he knows that this coach will give up his life for them, just as they kill themselves for me, I kill myself for them. Then this will be results”.

Women’s World Cup “I wanted to congratulate women’s football. It is something incredible, something that we all would have thought impossible. It has been an incredible gift to them and to inspire so many girls.”

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