Piazza VII Maggio Hosts Spectacular Sports Dinner in Support of Pietralunga’s Sports Activities

The dinner of the thousand: Piazza VII Maggio packed in Pietralunga for the sports dinner, organized by Giuliano Tartufi together with the Polisportiva Pietralunghese to support the city’s sports activities, from dance to judo, up to cycling or tennis without forgetting football, with staff , management and players of Pietralunghese. A well-attended party, with about a thousand people in the square amidst music, good food and tombola for which all the two thousand available folders were sold. The proceeds from this sale will be used to support the football formations and sports groups Asd Pietralunga Runners, Asd Tm3 training with the Longstone Bike cycling team, the Pietralunga tennis school, Atelier della Danza and Asd Kodokan Fratta. The Pietralunghese players present at the initiative have finished their training camp and will already be involved today in the Coppa Italia, to then devote themselves completely to the Promotion championship, with the first match scheduled for 10 September. A special greeting came from Fabrizio Ravanelli, guest of honor of the evening, who encouraged the team and recalled his personal relationship with sports, first conducted at the highest levels in football and currently with notable results in cycling. “I have a great passion for cycling – said Ravanelli – and I often come here to Pietralunga starting from Castel Rigone, where I live. It’s a hard and tiring workout but one that I like to do”. During the evening a tribute was given to Ravanelli himself (a painting depicting him as a footballer intent on throwing a truffle instead of a ball), prizes to Giampiero Picconi and Federico Duranti.

2023-08-27 06:52:44
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