Oier Lazkano, last minute drop for the World Cup

What was going to be the second World Cup for Oier Lazkano has been left in borage water. The Movistar cyclist is out at the last minute, after the fall he suffered a week ago in the Clásica Ordizia, just a few thousand meters from the finish line and when he was fighting to expand his record of victories. He entered the finish line fourth, but the worst of all was yet to come. The man from Vitoria did not guess that his presence in Glasgow was beginning to be questioned. A small cut on his knee forced him to go to the hospital to suture it with two stitches.

Complicated area to pedal and with little margin to close. To begin with, he was low in San Sebastián last Saturday and although there were still days left to catch the plane to Scotland, the young runner from Alava was not too optimistic. On Monday he got back on the bike after the mishap to feel the sensations. This Tuesday morning he did the same and in the afternoon he went to the osteopath. Upon leaving the review he made the decision. He was not traveling. He did not feel safe and the World Cup dream was cut short. He informed the coach Pascual Momparler who called Xabier Mikel Azparren from Gipuzkoa in his place.

A hard blow for a Lazkano who was in great form and who, especially in the time trial, had high hopes. He was going to take part in the road test next Saturday, the day of the Virgen Blanca, and on the 10th in the ‘chrono’. Runner-up in Spain in the modality in San Lorenzo del Escorial, the Movistar member has shown a great evolution in these months in the fight against the stopwatch. Had it not been for the fall, at least he would have added another podium in Ordizia to his great year. Another success that would have undoubtedly strengthened him for the World Cup. Without his presence in the Scottish city now he will try these days to heal the wound well to focus on new goals.

Because almost nothing changes in terms of its preparation. It is a small parenthesis of a few days without rolling as he wanted, although he will not lose the point of form. If he fully recovers and the sensations pedaling are normal, he will take part in the Vuelta a Burgos that will start on the 15th. If he is not convinced, he will set his goal in the great challenge of the season, the Vuelta a España . Because I’m sure he’ll be in Barcelona at the start on the 26th.

The Spanish round is not unknown to him. Already in 2021 he played it with the Caja Rural, although he could not finish it due to physical problems. This year he has not run any of the other two majors, but Lazkano has shown that he has the drive to complete a three-week test without any problem. This setback will undoubtedly motivate him to try to do better if possible.

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