Mushidi’s Road to Redemption: A Dream of Returning to the German National Basketball Team

It’s a long run back to old strength and in the end a big dream awaits: Kostja Mushidi (25) is entering his third season with the basketball Bundesliga club Mitteldeutscher BC.

On the first days of training in Weißenfels, he exudes a lot of euphoria, jokes and toils with his colleagues. Mushidi wants to lay the foundation for the long-awaited return to the German national team.

Mushidi: “Three years at a club is not necessarily normal. But I know what I have at MBC. I appreciate the calm, enjoy a lot of trust and most importantly, my focus is on basketball.”

In the past BBL season, Kostja Mushidi (right) averaged 12.5 points per game

Photo: Uwe Koehn

The Shooting Guard wants to return to the national team!

The dream is alive. Mushidi: “Once you’ve taken part in all the selection teams from the U15 to the U20, you also want to play for the big ones. I want to excel and yes, I’m eyeing the national team.”

Born in Belgium, he has lived in Germany since he was two years old. He was once one of the greatest German talents. Mushidi: “I had an eventful career from a young age.”


As a U19 talent, Mushidi rejected an NBA draft and moved to Belgrade. There he enjoyed more nightlife, not leading a professional lifestyle, as he himself admitted in a basketball podcast. After a fresh start in Braunschweig, he flew in 2019 for disciplinary reasons. Mushidi at rock bottom.

With the MBC, the distance throw specialist is grounded. Mushidi: “I’ve matured and I want to get even stronger mentally. I want to improve day by day.”

And fulfill his dream…

Dream goal for Miami HERE Messi scores from 30 meters!

Source: BILD / IMG Media via SNTV 08/16/2023

Mushidi would like to improve his technique even more in the coming season

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