Brawl and Accusations mar Santa Fe vs Deportivo Cali Match

The visitor accused a young man of taking a paper where Wallens had his notes. There were blows.

The round of 16 matchup between Santa Fe and Deportivo Cali ended in shoving, with anger in the losing team and some accusations made from the sugar box.

In the penalty shootout, Johan Wallens stated that one of the ball boys from the cardinal box took a note paper from the visiting goalkeeper. At that moment, the player reacted, as he did from the substitute bench, starting with Sergio Herrera.

At that moment, the claims of Germán Mera arrived towards the center-back. Immediately afterwards, the goalkeeper saw the yellow card before the protests. Eder Vergara only called them to follow the penalty shootout.

Before the last collection of the sugar growers, the worst part of the brawl that took place in the field broke out. Jhon Vásquez and members of the Santa Fe coaching staff got into strong discussions, slapping. At that moment, Hubert Bodhert also intervened, who could not stand his annoyance at the rival’s performance.

Finally, Vergara expelled one of Santa Fe’s assistants and Jhon Vásquez, in the midst of heated discussions that were held in part, at the exit of the teams to the dressing room tunnel, gradually lowering spirits.

At the press conference, Jaime De La Pava did not hide his annoyance at this situation, stating that everything will be known, that the goalkeeper had that information and that they cannot throw away that information, praising the work of Eduardo Niño, who analyzed the charges of opponent’s penalty.

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