Mike Tyson Joins Francis Ngannou’s Training Camp Ahead of Tyson Fury Fight

Hotboxin (DR) / Francis Ngannou (DR)

Briefly reappearing in the ring in 2020, Mike Tyson is preparing to make his return as a trainer. Acclaimed by Francis Ngannou at the dawn of the shock against Tyson Fury, the legendary boxer delivered the substance of his thoughts on the Predator.

Now 57 years old, he obviously can no longer count on the same vivacity, nor the same power as during his heyday. If he remains physically sharp despite everything, Mike Tyson can no longer claim to put on the gloves to fight a new fight. His exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. will therefore undoubtedly remain as his last appearance in the ring… but certainly not around the latter.

Coach de Ngannou, Mike Tyson avertit Tyson Fury

After reigning over the heavyweight division for years, Mike Tyson recently saw Tyson Fury do the same in the category. His British successor, however, will not challenge his titles on October 28, when he faces Francis Ngannou in an XXL poster. But rather than side with the Gypsy King, Iron Mike joined the ex-UFC champion, who is obviously delighted:

Bringing Mike Tyson into my training camp was one of the best decisions I could have made to prepare to face Tyson Fury. (…) His experience and his boxing IQ will be crucial in sharpening my technique in order to win this huge fight.

In this same press release published this Thursday, the Kid Dynamite also says he is delighted and paints a most glowing portrait of the Predator:

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The fact that I support Ngannou 100% is no secret. He has a hell of a punch that can hit the bull’s eye at any time. And when he touches his opponent, it’s “game over”. I look forward to working with him and supporting him in his transition from the octagon to the boxing ring. He’s no newcomer to combat. We are still talking about a world champion.

The key for him is going to be combining his energy and technique in his punches and using his agility to move quickly around the ring before delivering the knockout blow. We will be there to win.

The next few weeks will therefore be studious for Francis, who will have the chance to rely on the experience and wisdom of this exceptional coach. A prospect he once again welcomed on Twitter:

Can’t wait to get some tips from the best ????

Instead of supporting Tyson Fury, whose first name is inspired by his surname, Mike Tyson has decided to lend a hand to Francis Ngannou. And as much to say that he does not come alongside the Cameroonian colossus without expecting results from him!

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