Iván Massagué visits ‘Dos de nuestros’ and teaches them how to cook in a coffee maker

After many weeks together traveling by motorhome throughout Spain, ‘Two of Ours’ they decide that the time has come to separate for a couple of hours and enjoy the solitude.

While David Fernandez decides to take a walk to learn about the lifestyle of Nuria Aragon, frugivore who has been eating only fruit for more than twenty years, Edu Soto prefers to stay resting.

But Edu is not capable of enjoying solitude and decides to call his friend Iván Massagué, who is also in Valencia recording a movie.

Iván Massagué cooks ramen in an Italian coffee shop

ivan is a passionate about healthy cooking food. She had to lose twelve kilos in six weeks with the help of a nutritionist for her role in ‘El Hoyo’. As soon as they get to the motorhome, she offers Edu to cook.

Iván Massagué cooks ramen in a

With David back, the two comedians are speechless when they see that Iván Massagué proposes to cook a Ramen. But the surprise is not the dish chosen by the actor, if not the instrument to cook it: an Italian coffee maker!

The actor puts all the ingredients of the recipe into the Italian coffee pot and the two friends can’t believe how rich the dish is that the actor has crafted into such a simple kitchen instrument.


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