Broadcasting Challenges: Portuguese League Matches Unavailable in Major Markets

Broadcasting Challenges: Portuguese League Matches Unavailable in Major Markets

As happened with the games of the first round of the 2023/2024 League, the matches scheduled for the second round, which starts this Friday, will also not be able to be seen in France, England and Brazil, markets where the sports channels that ensured the dissemination of the Portuguese league among emigrants and not only did they not renew the broadcasting rights for the current season.

In France, remember, the RMC channel abdicated the Portuguese championship games to open air space for other sports, in this case combat sports, as explained by the daily L’Équipe. Incidentally, the joint agreement between RMC and Canal+ to broadcast the English league also ceased to be in force.

In England, it was TNT Sports that ensured the live transmission of one game per matchday in the 2022/2023 season, but the channel announced at the gates of the first matchday of the League that there was no agreement with Liga Portugal to broadcast games in the season that had already started.

In addition to two of the main markets on the Old Continent, with France being the most worrying given the many thousands of Portuguese and descendants who no longer have access to games through this route, also on the other side of the Atlantic, football here in the village no longer has space, since Star+, a service streaming from Disney, which included ESPN content, and which broadcast our League games in Brazil, where the invasion of Portuguese coaches in the Brasileirão drew more attention to our Championship, stopped doing so.

But it wasn’t all bad news, as last week DAZN secured the rights to broadcast the main league matches for Italy for the next three years, until the 2025/2026 season.

In any case, this lack of interest in broadcasting the Portuguese league in markets where there is no shortage of Portuguese spectators is a worrying scenario, also in the context of the centralization of television rights, which, according to a study commissioned by the organization chaired by Pedro Proença , could generate between 275 and 350 million euros in revenue – the commercialization of rights along these lines is to start in 2028/2029.

Is this possible with markets such as France, England and Brazil currently uninterested in Portuguese football?

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