Ángel Corpas Returns Home: Armilla Basketball Club Announces Exciting Signing for Next Season in EBA League

The Armilla Basketball Club announces the signing of Ángel Corpas for the next season in the EBA League. The point guard, only 19 years old, returns to his sports home to face this new and exciting challenge together with the team that saw him born in the world of basketball.


With a remarkable career in national basketball, Ángel Corpas is a true prodigy who has excelled on the court from an early age. His history in the sport began at Club Baloncesto Armilla, and now he returns as a formidable player who will bring his vast experience to the team. In 2017, Corpas joined the ranks of the CB Granada Foundation, where he achieved two category promotions, demonstrating his skill and dedication in each game.

Last season, Corpas achieved an impressive achievement by making his debut in La Liga Endesa, cementing his status as a promising young player in the world of basketball. His passion for the sport and his commitment to excellence make him a fundamental reinforcement for the Armilla Basketball Club in its first foray into the EBA League.

Ángel Corpas shared his enthusiasm for this return home: “I am truly excited to return to Armilla, the club where I started playing and which sparked my love for this sport. I hope that we all enjoy a great year on the pitch together.” His words reflect his deep connection to the club and his determination to contribute to the team’s success.

The Armilla Basketball Club welcomes Ángel Corpas and is confident that his experience and skills will enrich the game and the dynamics of the team during the exciting season ahead in the EBA League. The club has high expectations for this young talent and hopes that his presence in the team will provide the necessary impetus for an outstanding performance in the championship.

We wish Ángel Corpas every sporting success in this exciting season and we are sure that his return home will mark an exciting chapter in his professional career.

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