A Lucky Rescue: Police Officer Comes to the Aid of Cathy Hummels and Her Bicycle Mishap

The police, your friend and helper.

Cathy Hummels (35) actually just wanted to cycle to an appointment in a very environmentally friendly way. But THAT was nothing. Although the moderator made it onto the bike and up to the State Chancellery, she didn’t get any further. The reason: your pants got caught in the bicycle chain.

come out alone? none. “I was on my way to an appointment and now I have a pretty big problem,” Mats Hummels’ ex tells her 701,000 followers. But rescue is not far! A policewoman became aware of the moderator’s misery and rushed to help. A mishap in front of the State Chancellery? Luck in disguise here.

Pretty bad caught. Cathy’s pants made it impossible to continue

Photo: Cathy Hummels/Instagram

“I have now received help, but now my bicycle tire has to be removed and I have to wait for my appointment.” Cathy Hummels is still uncomfortable with the rescue operation. “It’s a public place here, but we can handle it, right?” The policewoman is confident.

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With the help of two police officers, a passer-by and tools, Cathy manages to get off her bike. As a farewell, there’s a snapshot of the rescuers and their pink bike. Lo and behold: the 35-year-old’s trousers even look undamaged! The bicycle tire is also on again.

Even better: she came to the appointment on time.

Cathy is happy, her helpers too! She got out of her bike again

Photo: Cathy Hummels/Instagram

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