A kiss from Aitana Bonmatí on Salma Paralluelo’s right foot, the ‘magic finger’

Mandarin Salma Paralluelo scored the first goal ofSpain in the World Cup semifinal against sweden, Aitana Bonmatí she went straight to kiss his foot. The midfielder was partly to blame for this goal.

“We all know he has a brutal left. I always tell her that to be a complete player he has to shoot more with his right», Aitana explained to us at the end of the match. “Many times he has options to shoot with the right, he passes it to the left and wastes time. I always tell her when we talk, let her try and let her try, because she will have more resources, the opponent will know her less and she will be more complete. In training we laugh, because he practices it and I tell him ‘well, Salma, well’ when he tries it».

“Then, when he scored, he came and said to me:With the right, er, with the right‘». And he kissed the boot with which he scored the goal that started it all. “I’m very happy for her, because when one has the desire, when one works, in the end everything comes. She is a player and today she proved it once again”.


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A good student

And Aitana is drooling over Salma: “She’s very special, she gives us something different. She is very fast, digs down the opponent, attacks with depth… And she has incredible quality and potential. He is very young, he is only 19 years old, but at his age he knows how to manage these moments very well, because not everyone is ready for a big date like this.’

Salma’s explosion at her young age reminds a little of that of the midfielder, who, despite being only 25 years old, is already among the elite. “We are very different, I don’t know if I, at 19, had the opportunities that she has, but she’s taking advantage of it like a motherfucker, she doesn’t get hot, she goes out to play like a little girl, and I’m a person who thinks month. This brings out all the potential, it’s more runny, but always in a good way.”

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Xavi’s message

She is a good student, as has been Aitana de Xavi Hernández, her idol, who sent her a message to wish her luck before the eighth grade. “He is a very attentive person, whenever he can send a message he sends it and I am very grateful to him.”

He reached the first final of a World Cup with the men’s team and she hopes to repeat his feat in Sydney: “He is a great example. The other day I started watching videos of him and Iniesta, from when they won it. I hope the same happens.”

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