A Comment on Dominik Hašek’s Remarks About Hockey Players in Russian Colors

09/08/2023 8:05 | From networks

A comment on his public Facebook profile regarding Dominik Hašek’s comments about hockey players playing in Russian colors.


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“I don’t know what goes through the minds of those who have never played hockey. It is all the more true about what is going through Hašek’s head,” Šulák said to Dominator, who has long been of the opinion that if Russian athletes do not condemn the Russian war and crimes, and do not speak accordingly in public, they should not compete in international competitions not even next year at the Olympic Games in Paris.

Now, in response to Šulák, Hašek did not choose such harsh words as the three-time Stanley Cup winner and world champion from 1985 Jiří Hrdin, but he clearly expressed his consistent attitude towards Russia.

“Libor, your work creates values ​​in the enemy’s country and he uses those values ​​against us and our allies. Because of your work in Russia, the life of my family is in greater danger and more Ukrainians will be killed,” Hašek wrote on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

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