2023 Cross-Strait College Basketball Tournament: 16 Top University Teams Gather in Xiamen

Cross-Strait College Basketball Tournament kicks off in Xiamen on the 26th

16 top university teams from both sides of the strait gather in Fujian

Southeast Net, August 4th (Straits Herald reporter Zhu Huang Zhengli Jin Wen/Photo) Yesterday, good news came from the domestic basketball circle. The press conference of the 2023 Cross-Strait College Basketball Tournament was held in Xiamen yesterday. Liu Yudong, a famous Chinese men’s basketball player and chairman of the Fujian Provincial Basketball Association, announced that the 2023 Cross-Strait College Basketball Tournament will be held in Xiamen, Putian and other places from August 26 to September 1. held.

Liu Yudong revealed that the opening game of this cross-strait college basketball game will be held in Xiamen. The mainland and Taiwan will each send 8 top teams to Fujian, and a total of 16 teams will participate.

The participating Taiwanese teams include: Hiking University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Normal University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Sports University, Cultural University, National Taiwan University of Arts, I-Shou University, and Kaohsiung Normal University. Participating mainland teams include: Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ningbo University, China University of Mining and Technology, Huaqiao University, and Xiamen University.

In the past few years, due to epidemic prevention reasons, basketball exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have relatively decreased. After Liu Yudong took office as the chairman of the Fujian Basketball Association in November last year, he began to organize cross-strait college basketball games to promote cross-strait basketball exchanges and present a basketball feast for fans.

According to analysis by industry insiders, after Yao Ming became the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, he began to attach importance to the development of campus basketball. Both high school basketball and college basketball are getting better and better. Many talented young players in the domestic basketball world are from campus basketball. For example, Lin Wei of the Nanjing team came from a middle school in Xiamen. He played his own sky in the CBA. The college basketball game between the two sides of the strait can be regarded as a league exchange between the youth echelons of the two sides of the strait.

At the same time, as the most important basketball match between the two sides of the strait in recent years, the basketball cheerleading teams of major colleges and universities will also appear on the field, especially the cheerleading teams of Taiwanese colleges and universities, which have always had a unique cheerleading culture.

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