Unfortunate Scheduling: Alexander Zverev’s delayed Wimbledon journey while others advance

It was very strange: When Alexander Zverev played his first ball at this Wimbledon tournament, players like Jannik Sinner or Novak Djokovic were already in the 3rd round.

A circumstance that is due to the rain in London and the equally frequent interruptions and postponements. Only those pros who were lucky were on one of the two covered courts, Center Court and No. 1 court, were allowed to compete.

“Luck” is such a thing, because the organizers naturally want to offer the audience attractive names and exciting matches on these two courts. So it’s not surprising that superstars like Djokovic or British hopefuls like Andy Murray, Cameron Norrie and Daniel Evans play there more often.


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Zverev, on the other hand, was dropped to No. 3 Court and on Wednesday at No. 2 Court scheduled – but he didn’t play due to the rain. It wasn’t until Thursday that the organizers pushed the Hamburger’s game onto the covered No. 1 court

Zverev: “I really like Sinner, but…”

Of course, Zverev didn’t like it, especially since a player like Sinner was able to play on a covered pitch on Monday and Wednesday. “I really like Jannik, but there were other names in the first round like Medvedev, Berrettini or me,” complained the 26-year-old. “I don’t know whether you have to start Jannik in the second round under the roof, where the rest of us haven’t even played the first round.”

“Others in tennis would have already achieved more than Sinner,” explained Zverev. There was an opportunity “to put other big names in first place”.

Zverev: Djokovic is an exception

In the case of Djokovic, on the other hand, things would be a little different, although the Serb also only played in the two covered arenas. “Novak is the only one who worked it out. He will never play on Court 2 again in his career. But he himself said that the way it went was wrong,” explained Zverev.

After all: In the 3rd round against the former Wimbledon finalist Matteo Berrettini (Saturday from around 6:00 p.m. in the ticker) Zverev can also go to No. 1 Court. Apparently the game is attractive enough for the tournament organizers… You might also be interested in this: Coincidence or intention? Zverev causes confusion at Wimbledon

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