The NBPA ‘Performance Summit’: Transforming Basketball and Technology in Malaga

The NBPA arrived, saw and triumphed in Malaga. The National Association of Basketball Players in association with the Global Center for Sports Innovation (GSIC), promoted by Microsoft, turned the Costa del Sol capital into the world epicenter of basketball and technology for three days. The ‘Performance Summit’ was a real success and the presence in the talks of the likes of Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Donovan Mitchell and Jaylen Brown left the attendees speechless. MARCA had the opportunity to speak with the protagonists about the importance of technology in sport and about the ‘Sanctuary’, that space where basketball stars have been able to work side by side in training with the boys and girls of the city.

“It is very special to have come here to help young basketball players. Despite the great time change on the trip, it has been a good experience. Seeing the enthusiasm of the young people makes the NBPA continue to believe in this type of project and that the union always supports initiatives such as the ‘Sanctuary'”, analyzed Donovan Mitchell for MARCA.

He was not the only one of the players who participated in the live recording of the ‘Point Forward’ podcast, hosted by Iguodala and Turner. Jaylen Brown talked about the importance of technology in the summer of NBA players. “It’s very important, you know. Being in control of our bodies, knowing what the recovery times are thanks to technology. Our optimal physical condition, our diet, now in the summer that we don’t train so much and that we can eat what we like. These are things that today are becoming key for athletes and NBA players,” he pointed out.

Andre Iguodala focused on training with the youngsters. The NBA champion gave a master class on humility in his definition of what it means for him to be training with the little ones. “Talking about the Sanctuary is talking about a place of peace. We take refuge there with the young people, we talk about basketball and the mental health that an athlete should have. These are issues that are very important today in the United States. Having a therapist and a coach to help you learn about yourself. Basketball is the escape route for many children, so when we enter the Sanctuary we leave everything out. Sanctuary is the perfect word. It perfectly reflects what an NBA player feels about basketball. If you can do it on top of that in a perfect region like Andalusia or Malaga, because everything is much better”, concluded the four-time NBA champion.

The NBPA ‘Performance Summit’ featured an impressive lineup of industry experts, innovators who focused on the latest advancements in technology to enhance performance in the modern sports landscape. Especially successful were the talks and presentations that were focused on health and well-being. MARCA, as the official medium of the event, did not miss anything that happened in these three days that will be remembered by both young and old.

2023-07-23 10:27:24
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