Milan: an effort is needed for Morata, Jonathan David for after Vlahovic, Anatolij Trubin in danger of Chelsea?

I dream of Morata, but is it too expensive?

The transfer market is inflamed and the Milan is always on the hunt for the attacker who would be so useful to Stefano Pioli. Alvaro Morata is at the top of the wish list, also because Gianluca Stamacca seems destined to marry the cause of Roma.

Morata could be Milan’s next target

For the Spaniard, the problem is linked to his salary, since in the event of a transfer to the Rossoneri, the former Juventus player should considerably reduce his salary 6.5 million a year could go down to 5. the Milan would not be able to go further thus risking missing the train that leads to Moratal’Atletico Madrid would also be willing to negotiate the assignment on the basis of 20 million euros about, however, the Milanese leadership would have tested the waters by offering little more than 12 million. The situation remains deadlocked, with negotiation not being impossible, but if Gerry Cardinale he wants to give the center forward to the Rossoneri people and he will have to meet the needs of the Spaniards.

Jonathan David will parte Vlahovic

The fate of Dusan Vlahovic it’s still to be written. There Premier League he always winks at the black and white center forward, who between Chelsea e Manchester United would be spoiled for choice. There Juventus but it would not seem willing to go below the 80 million euros for the transfer.

There would also be interest in England for the Canadian attacker

The market scenario that is shaping up, in case of farewell of Vlahovictells of Juventus’ interest in the 23-year-old striker under the Lille, jonathan davidbut it is expensive. 60 million euros is the request of the French club to let the striker go, who Giuntoli could try to lead to Torino for much lower numbers. L’Canadian striker would have admirers also in Premier League.

Anatolij Trubin, watch out for Chelsea

With the sale of André Onana al Manchester United nearly completed, theInter is preparing to complete a millionaire capital gain, part of the proceeds from the sale of the Cameroonian goalkeeper will be invested for the new goalkeeper. The 21 year old Anatoly Trubinunder the Shakhtar Donetsk the Milanese management likes it but is not willing to go beyond certain figures. 10 million euros could be a fair figure according to Marotta, even if the Ukrainian club would like to get something more out of it. The goalkeeper’s contract will expire in 2024 then theInter he wouldn’t want to shell out too much money, considering that he could go get him for zero euros at the end of next season.

Inter: Chelsea danger

However, the Nerazzurri must be on their guard, the goalkeeper has also ended up in the good graces of Chelsea which could please the Ukrainian club by meeting economic demands.

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