Hometown Hero Yondonperenlei Baskhuu Wins Gold at Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam

Hometown hero Yondonperenlei Baskhuu presents hosts with first Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam gold

The judo-loving nation of Mongolia held its second Grand Slam event, in the bustling capital of Ulaanbaatar.

The Steppe Arena was filled with a unique and passionate crowd ready to cheer on their strong national team. With the next generation of Mongolian judo in the crowd, it was time for their local heroes to give them something to cheer on.

Double success for Japan

At -48kg, Japan’s Yoshioka Hikari won her first-ever Grand Slam gold medal.

Erdenet-Od Khishigbat Member of the Executive Committee of the International Judo Federation was on hand to present the medals

Nagayama Ryuju brought more success to Japan, winning the -60kg gold medal with a lifting combination of uchi-mata and fantastic te-waza before sharing his joy with his Mongolian fans.

Ariun-Erdene Batbayar, the governor of Bulgan province, awarded the medals.

Primo finally gets the better of Buchard

Israel’s Gefen Primo picked up her first-ever win against France’s Amandine Buchard en route to the -52kg gold medal.

Naser Al Tamimi, Treasurer General of the International Judo Federation, made the presentations.

Hometown hero Yondonperenlei Baskhuu had the crowd behind him at -66kg where he beat Dushanbe champion Obid Dzhebov with a tactical win.

A wonderful local Mongolian feast got the crowd going.

His Excellency Battulga Khaltmaa, President of the Mongolian Judo Association, presented the medals.

“I feel absolutely amazing to have the crowd cheering me on,” he said afterwards. “And I would especially like to thank the President of the Mongolian Judo Association, Mr. Battulga, who encouraged me a lot! »

Deguchi shows she’s number one

At -57kg, reigning world champion Christa Deguchi made her first appearance since dominating the world championships, and she looked unstoppable.

Jessica Klimkait, her Canadian teammate and rival, met her in the final and Deguchi showed why she now wears a red back.

A large troop of fans with signs and pictures were waiting for her when she stepped off the mat. Michael Tamura, sports director of the International Judo Federation, presented him with his medal.

“I have visited many countries, but I think Mongolia is not a hometown, but I feel comfortable here,” Deguchi said afterwards. “They encourage me a lot, encourage me and I hope I can give some little dreams to the children. When I come back tonight I want to dream about that again, it was very nice. »

Mongolia not only won a gold medal, the whole team put on a dynamic display of judo for their fans throughout the day. Don’t miss the rest of the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam this weekend, with more stars and exciting judo to come.

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