Guide to A/S Procedures and Overseas Product Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

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Product number: 10636151718

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Overseas direct purchase product information

This product is a direct overseas delivery or delivery of popular products around the world.

This is a product that is imported and shipped.

Guidance and Precautions

When exchanging/returning due to simple change of mind, all costs such as round-trip overseas shipping costs will be charged to the buyer, so be sure to check.

Return shipping fee: KRW 5,000 one-way (KRW 10,000 will be charged if the initial shipping fee is free) Exchange shipping fee: KRW 10,000 In case of return/exchange, you must first contact the seller and request a return after consultation. Please note. For more detailed information, please refer to ‘Return/Exchange Information’. Customs duties and taxes may apply if the purchase amount exceeds USD 150. Please check the product description to see if the product price includes customs tax. In many cases, A/S is not possible for overseas purchase agency products, and even if possible, please note that actual expenses such as customs duties and international shipping fees may be borne.

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Provides information such as manufacturer/origin, contact information, business number, etc. Seller Ttaom Company name / Representative Ttaom / Choi Young-joo Contact 010-7527-3330 Business typeSimple business operator Business number 1931002371 Telecommunication sales business number 2022-Pyeongtaek-1317, Gyeonggi-do Email Send email Business Location 835 Dongsak-dong, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do Pyeongtaek Central Xi 1 Complex 109-1704 Product Condition New Product Refer to manufacturer detail page Country of Origin See detail page Product Code/Model 10636151718/See detail page Refer to brand detail page Issueable Receipt Credit Card Slip, Cash Receipt A /S Refer to the detailed page Provide information such as product material, color, dimensions, etc. through notification of product information provision Refer to the product name and model name detail page If it can be confirmed that certification or permission has been obtained by law, it is not applicable Details of the country of manufacture or country of origin Refer to the page Manufacturer, in case of imported goods, indicate the importer together. Refer to the detailed page. A/S manager and phone number, customer counseling phone number. Refer to the detailed page. Provided shipping method Courier delivery period Delivery within 2 days on average (based on business days) Shipping cost 5,000 won per product

Additional shipping cost: Jeju Island 6,000 won / islands and mountains 6,000 won

In the case of cancellation of subscription, etc. due to simple change of mind of the consumer, not product defect, the deadline for withdrawal of subscription, etc., and the return cost borne by the consumer

One-way KRW 5,000 (KRW 10,000 will be charged if the initial shipping fee is free)
* Buyer’s simple change of mind is within 7 days of receiving the product (buyer pays return shipping cost)

Reasons/grounds for non-cancellation of subscription in case of simple change of mind by the consumer
If it is impossible to withdraw the subscription due to a consumer’s simple change of mind, not a product defect, the specific reason and grounds

Refer to detail page

A/S Related phone numbers for goods, etc. Refer to the detailed page Exchange/return/guarantee conditions and quality assurance standards for goods
In case of withdrawal of subscription due to product defect or misdelivery, the deadline for withdrawal of subscription, etc., and the return cost borne by the mail order distributor

Difference from display/advertisement, in case of defective product, within 3 months after receiving the product or within 30 days from the date of knowing the fact that it is different from display/advertisement (seller pays return shipping cost)

Guidance on compensation due to refund and delayed refund
The method for receiving a refund, the fact that compensation for delay can be paid if the refund is delayed, and the specific conditions and procedures for payment of compensation for delay

Refer to detail page

Consumer damage compensation, handling of complaints about goods, etc., standards for handling consumer disputes

Matters concerning the handling of consumer damage compensation, handling of complaints about goods, etc., and handling of disputes between consumers and businesses

In accordance with our consumer dispute handling standards Go

You can check the contents of the terms and conditions for transactions or how to check them through the product detail page and the terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page. Delivery Estimated delivery date is based on the average delivery date for the product in the last month. Due to unavoidable reasons such as delivery to islands/mountainous areas, there may be a difference of 2-3 days or more. Delivery may be delayed due to force majeure (temporary out of stock, manufacturer product supply problems, etc.). Return shipping fee One-way KRW (KRW KRW 100.00 if the initial shipping fee is free) Exchange shipping fee Sending address (18031) 109-1704, Dongsak-dong, Pyeongtaek Central Xi 1 Complex, Sangseojae-ro 5-gil, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do Request period for return/exchange reasons In case of return/exchange, you must first contact the seller and submit a return request after consultation. Buyer simple change of mind within 7 days after receiving the product (buyer bears return shipping cost) Difference from display/advertisement, in case of product defect, within 3 months after receipt of product or within 30 days from knowing the fact different from display/advertisement (seller return shipping fee burden) If either of the two elapses, returns/exchanges are not possible Contracts concluded by minors may be canceled by the person or the legal representative if the legal representative does not agree. When selling or purchasing items subject to safety inspection or industrial products subject to child protective packaging according to the Quality Management and Industrial Product Safety Control Act, please check whether the product has undergone safety inspection or is a product subject to child protective packaging. When purchasing information or telecommunications equipment, please check whether the product has been certified or approved in accordance with the Electrical Appliances Safety Management Act, Framework Act on Telecommunications, and Radio Waves Act. Please note that if you transact directly with the seller without using Interpark’s payment system, damages such as not receiving the product or receiving a product different from the purchased product may occur. Registered sales products and contents are registered by the seller, and we do not take any responsibility for the registered contents. Information on Interpark Safe Payment System (Escrow)

All products of Interpark Co., Ltd. are serviced by introducing a safe payment system for the purchase safety of members regardless of seller and payment method.

Payment deposit deposit registration: 02-006-00064

Confirmation of service subscription

Seoul guarantee insurance purchase safety service

Customers can use the purchase safety service (shopping mall guarantee insurance) that allows buyers to be protected when paying in cash for safe transactions.

Confirmation of service subscription

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