Famous General Practitioner Celebrates Retirement with Symbolic Gesture

Guastalla (Reggio Emilia), 30 July 2023 – At 20 o’clock on Fridays came down the stairs of the clinic and reached the square in front of the headquarters of the Medicine Center 2000in the historic center a Guastala. A path repeated for decades, without stopping. But the other night was a very different time than usual. Waiting for him, in the historic Piazza Primo Maggio, the famous “Piasola”, there were about one hundred and fifty people, to greet the general practitioner upon his retirement.

Doctor Ugo Gaiani she was unable to hold back her emotion in the face of such a great demonstration of affection.

In recent days the doctor had made it known, through a tam tam among his patients, that on the last day of workat the end of the shift, he would have liked to meet friends he has cared for for short or long periods. He also arranged refreshments such as aperitifs from the adjacent Gonda oven.

It’s a good thing that he did abound with portions of food, as so many showed up for the appointment, crowding the square in order to adequately greet the doctor who is concluding his professional activity.

But it wasn’t a traditional greeting.

Anyone who knows Dr. Ugo Gaiani had to expect a “twist”considering his ironic character, devoted to jokes and optimism, even in the face of the most dramatic situations.

And so the “doc” took to the streets in a San Antonio baseball cap and T-shirt, with a bat in hand.

He did it for a symbolic gesture: sledgehammer that phone which for decades has meant direct contact between him and patients, with calls for explanations, simple questions but also for emergencies.

He put down the phone in his now former clinic, walked around it for a few moments and then, with the sturdy baseball bat, hit him hardthus marking the end of his career as a general practitioner.

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