Elite Medical Team Chosen to Prioritize Player Health and Well-being for Hozono Global Jairis in Endesa Women’s League

The health and well-being of the players is a fundamental priority for Hozono Global Jairis, which is why it has chosen an elite medical team for the upcoming season of the Endesa Women’s League.


Juan Francisco Abellán, doctor of the Spanish Absolute Women’s Team since 2018, will be in charge of the team’s medical services for the second consecutive season. He will be accompanied by the doctor Pedro Pérez, who will collaborate for another year with his presence at team matches, treatments and operations that may arise throughout the season.

As physiotherapists, for another year we will have Jorge Azuar, a regular physio in the training categories of the Spanish Basketball Federation, and Fran Belmonte, who will join the team this year.

The players will also have an experienced nutrition team this season, headed by Jose Ramón Ibáñez, CEO and Nutrition Director of the Nutriban clinic, and Diego Espín, specialized sports nutritionist.

A complete, professional and guaranteed medical team to ensure that our players are in the best hands.

2023-07-20 03:33:55
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