Borja San Miguel Appointed as Head Coach of La Antigua Team for EBA League Return

Borja San Miguel (Barcelona, ​​06/10/1985) is the new coach of the La Antigua team on its return to the EBA League, after last season’s relegation. The Granollers coach will take over from Óscar Núñez, who becomes sports director at the club, after spending the last three years in charge of the CB Tormes first team (two at EBA and one at LEB Plata).

San Miguel has experience in the EBA League, thanks to his work with Martorell, Muro or Torreforta, although his latest adventure led him to be an assistant coach at Vfl S.Bochum (ProA) and head coach at Metropol Baskets Rhur (NBBL). both in Germany. In addition, in lower categories he has worked in Ireland and with the German U15 and U16 teams, along with Dirk Bauermann.

In Austria he was the first coach of the Raiffsein Dornbirn Lions in the country’s Second Division for two seasons, qualifying for the ‘play offs’ with an all-time League scoring record and more than 70% victories.

The new coach of the charro team has also worked in women’s basketball, as an assistant to Lima Horta Barcelona, ​​of the Liga Femenina Challenge (qualified for the 2022 promotion playoff), among others.

Borja San Miguel acknowledges having followed the path of CB Tormes: «He is a reference in men’s in Salamanca and he has been doing well in EBA for many years, in addition to having spent two years in Silver. It is a powerful club and being in charge of the team is a challenge for me”, he points out.

goals marked

Regarding the objectives set, San Miguel does not hide the power of the project: «It is very complex to base a year only on the word promotion. Beyond that, what I want is for us to be a solid, competitive and ambitious team », he says.

Regarding the type of basketball that we will see in Salamanca under his leadership, Borja assures: «First you have to close the squad because for me the player is the center. They are the protagonists and the ones that shine. But I know for sure that with what we have, we will be competitive.

From now on, Borja San Miguel will work side by side with Óscar Núñez to close a team that can fight for the return to LEB Plata, a category that brought so much joy to the fans of Salamanca in Würzburg last year and which was lost in the last match of League.

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