Join us at the ‘II Stage Judo Mérida’ for a Fun-Filled Event with National Judo Professionals

This sporting event is aimed at judo lovers in the cadet, junior and senior categories (open in some cases to the children’s category). You can enjoy some fun days among the great professionals of national judo.

We offer a magnificent opportunity to learn from Judokas from different origins of the Spanish scene to exchange knowledge, techniques and styles.

In addition, the sessions will have both technical explanations and randori, where you can practice competition with other judokas. In the technical explanations we will have the presence of 1 or 2 members of the absolute national team that fights for the Olympic qualification for Paris 2024 (surprise guest(s).

The days of the ‘II Stage Judo Mérida’ will take place at the facilities of the Guadiana de Mérida Sports Complex (facility ceded by the Mérida City Council).

2023-07-01 01:01:54
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