Basketball Club Holds Successful General Meeting, Plans for Future Challenges

The general meeting of the basketball club, in the presence of Valérie Abadie-Roques, representing the mayor, was recently held at the Albatross gymnasium.

The opportunity for its president Nadine Fronzes to take stock of a season where new recruits have been welcomed among young people, allowing the club to form teams in U7, U9 and U11, it is the same in U15 and in U17, they are also the first supporters of the senior girls’ and senior boys’ teams who both play in the pre-region.

In total, the club has 60 members (a marked increase, especially at basketball school level) who are supported by Attoumani and Zayer who manage all training. On the other hand, the club deplores a lack of volunteers which makes travel and the organization of matches complicated. This will be for the club, one of the challenges of the next season…

Regarding sports results, the senior women’s team finished in 4th place in the pre-region, the senior men’s team finished in 9th place; as for the U15 team, it finished last, but showed great determination and should assert itself next season. We will not forget the friendly side which is always very present with the Christmas and carnival tournament, the Christmas snack with new jerseys… All will of course be at the start of the women’s Tour de France stage in Onet on the 27th July and will participate in the Vitalsport day on August 26 and the sports festival on September 10.

Finally, with regard to the financial report, it shows a debit balance of €291.24, due to an increase in equipment. This report is also an opportunity for the club to thank the municipality of Onet for its financial and material support, but also the volunteers and the company Signovia, for the jerseys.

After the elections of the steering committee, all met for a more festive moment, around an aperitif dinner.

2023-07-12 05:09:09
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