Landivisiau Badminton Association Holds Successful General Assembly

The association of Landivisiau badminton held its general assembly on Friday July 7 at the Espace des Capuchins in Landivisiau. With 109 members, including 55 children, Maëlle Pouliquen (president) took this opportunity to present the bronze medal from the Badminton Federation to Philippe Jaffret, who decided to leave his place as co-president vacant. It was also an opportunity to come back to the title of champion of Finistère won by Sébastien Gelegon but also to the success of Bad’halloween. This season was a great success thanks to a team of very involved volunteers, who despite the vagaries of the weather which led to a postponement of the competition, were able to remobilize to reorganize it.

2023-07-12 09:38:56
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