2023 Basketball World Cup: Dates, Locations, and Teams

When and where will the 2023 Basketball World Cup take place?

These are the venues for the Basketball World Cup

How many teams are taking part in the World Cup?

This is the mode of the basketball world championship

These are the groups of the 2023 Basketball World Cup

Which group plays in which city at the Basketball World Cup?

When are the Basketball World Cup games?

This is the basketball world cup schedule

When does the German national basketball team play at the Basketball World Cup?

What are the goals of the German basketball team going into the World Cup?

What does the squad of the German team look like?

Where is the Basketball World Cup on TV and live stream?

Are there tickets for the 2023 Basketball World Cup?

Where can I buy tickets?

Why is the 2023 Basketball World Cup particularly important for the teams?

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