What is behind Alcaraz’s injury that leaves him without Roland Garros: “Today is more mental than physical”

The defeat of an injured Carlos Alcaraz against Djokovic in the Roland Garros semifinals (6-3, 5-7, 6-1, 6-1) It was a hard setback for the Murcian and for his entire team, which was witnessing the authentic work of art that both tennis players were giving to the audience at La Chatrier. And not because of the defeat itself, but also because of the way he fell before a Novak who, in addition, had opened up his full range of blows to try to break the number one in the world.

The match against Djokovic, in a ‘semis’ of a Grand Slam and before the public of the legendary Philippe Chatrier from Paris, weighed too much emotionally for a Carlitos who suffered the consequences of facing a member of the ‘Big Three’: “The nerves and the physical demand to which ‘Nole’ took me in the first two sets caused everything”, added a disappointed Alcaraz at a press conference after the cramps he suffered throughout his body during the match.

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Juanjo López, Carlitos’ doctor, was reviewing the defeat of Alcaraz in ‘El Larguero’ of the chain TO BE and confirmed that the first cramps appeared to cramp at the start of the third set. “We knew that the hand was starting to cramp and that it was a very bad time.” However, he concluded the match without any injury: “Has finished the party without crampsbut the mountain was too high to jump”, making reference to the level shown by Djokovic throughout the match. “The cramps have their peaks and then they soften. While that happens, you’re losing games.”

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In addition, he stressed that the whole team and, above all, Carlos were very disappointed after losing in a way that no one expected: “He is like the whole team, a little sad We’re a little disappointed in how it’s been. It has been attempted because it really could have been fought under other conditions. Retiring in a Roland Garros semifinal is very hard“, finished.

There is some concern in the Alcaraz staff due to the continuous cramp problems that the Murcian has suffered throughout this year. The first time was in the final of Rio de Janeiro against the British Norrie. The second, against Sinner in the semifinals of the Miami Open and, finally, in the match of the year against Djokovic.

However, Carlitos was self-critical after the match against the Serb and stressed the importance of psychological work to beat a player like Djokovic: “If someone tells you that it’s the same to have Djokovic on the other side of the net than any other, lies. What happened today is more mental than physical. It’s time to train more”, concluded Alcaraz.

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