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Huge fuss over an embarrassing action in a fourth NBA Finals game break!

In the 108:95 victory of the Denver Nuggets against the Miami Heat, a scene during a break in the third quarter caused excitement among basketball fans: UFC star Conor McGregor (34) caused boos!

The reason for this: McGregor is interviewed in the gym during downtime – and takes the opportunity to promote one of his products, a menthol spray from his own fitness line.

The MMA fighter holds his US-only product ice-cold towards the cameras. According to its website, the remedy should help athletes to regenerate and reduce inflammation and pain. Oh well…

The Heat fans don’t like the advertising campaign at all – and boo the Irish from ice cold.

After Bremen transfer hammer! That’s why Keita is moving to Werder!

Source: Twitter@werderbremen 09.06.2023

McGregor then knocks out the Miami mascot with a fist – and then jumps across the field to make faces.

What a Gaga performance!

The Denver Nuggets’ win puts them 3-1 ahead of the Miami Heat in the best-of-seven series. Now it’s getting really, really tight for Miami: only the Cleveland Cavaliers around superstar LeBron James (2016) have managed in 77 years of the NBA to win the championship after falling 1:3 in the finals.

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