The phrase of Matías Rojas that made the Racing fans EXPLODE with BRONCA after the defeat against Flamengo

Matias Rojas spoke about his future and unleashed a blow against the Racing leadership. (Video: @SC_ESPN) (Photo: Reuters)

the defeat of Racing against Flamengo by 2-1 made itself felt among the fans. After a complicated preview and on the verge of a tragedy, Gago’s team returned empty-handed from the Maracana, although already qualified for the next round. The truth is that after the game, Matías Rojas was the focus of attention for some statements that caused a stir among the fans.

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The Paraguayan midfielder was one of the figures against Mengao: he scored a great goal for 1-1 and gave fans hope. However, it is clear that the relationship is not the best.

The steering wheel did not fix his contract and he will leave when the season ends as a free player. All the rumors indicate that he will be a new player for Corinthians from Brazil. even, already would have signed a pre-contract with the San Pablo team.

Matías Rojas scored Racing’s goal against Flamengo, but released a controversial phrase in the post. (Photo: AP)

As often happens, Rojas was the one targeted to give his feelings after the game and released a phrase that did not go down well with the fans. “There is a lot of talk, for almost a year. It’s also a bit complicated for me emotionally. Time runs after me and chases me. Nor can I risk much at the health level, because I am contractually tied”, he assured.

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In addition, the Paraguayan national team player clearly pointed against the leaders for his departure: “I as a player I can’t pay for the broken dishes of others”. At the same time, he anticipated that his future will be resolved shortly. “I made a decision and later it will come to light“, revealed.

Matías Rojas’ goal for Racing against Flamengo

red matias goal

Matías Rojas scored a great goal for Racing against Flamengo. (Video: ESPN)

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