The Navarra Judo Federation recognizes Raúl Delgado for the 45th anniversary of the Shogun

Felix Pastor delivering a plaque to Raúl Delgado

The Judo and Def department. Staff of the Shogun Gym of Tudela celebrated this Saturday, June 3, its 45th Anniversary as the “Ribero Judo School”.

Félix Pastor, with his team of judo/def professionals. they organized the great event in the municipal sports center of Tudela gathering more than 280 judokas of the 360 ​​students they have.

The activity began at ten in the morning, receiving in the pavilion all its Ribaforada, Cascante, Aguilar, Fitero, Cintruenigo, SR Arenas and Shogun Central headquarters.

Award to Felix Pastor

The event began with a warm-up, followed by randoris (fights) carried out among all of them divided by age. The exhibition of the Fejonokata, (Kata of the falls), was followed by about twenty athletes. The second exhibition was between the teachers and the youngest judokas of the team where the little ones performed a series of projection techniques. Finally, the Master Pastor, within the Personal Defense activity, made a series of defenses with kicks, fists, chair, knife and pistol attacks.

At the end, a tribute is paid to the nine judokas who participated in the finals of the Spanish championship in the last five years, some of them repeating on several occasions (Blanca, Israel, Allan Kevin, Claudia Casajus, Carmen Cornago, Iker Martínez, Lucia Matute , Alba Sagra and Iosu Bea)

At the end of the activity with the children, there were fights between all the judokas against the teachers.

In the “45th Anniversary” they were invited and a detail was delivered to Fernando Ferrer, representing the Tudela City Council, Luis Angel, Sports Councilor of Cascante, Miguel Aguirre, Mayor of Fitero, Elena Cisneros, President of the SDR Arenas, Jesus Adan and Eva representing Sedena (Cintruenigo), Conchi, from Apyma de Aguilar, Raúl Belio (press and friend of the Shogun) and Mariano Hernández (doctor friend of the Shogun).

Award to Raúl Delgado

In turn, the Shogun’s teachers and Félix’s classmates, Miguel A., Malu Ardoiz, Rebeca Rodríguez, Antonio Martínez prepared a letter and they were given a box where they put gratitude in some beautiful words, managing to move our Master.

After all this, all the judokas/defense of the Shogun were presented with a commemorative trophy and some trinkets in gratitude for their trust in the Ribero Judo School

The senior team, after finishing everything, met in a well-known restaurant in Tudela to eat where, among others, was the President of the Navarra Judo Federation, Mr. Josetxo Areta, who said some emotional words about our Club delivering the a congratulatory plaque, Raúl Delgado, President and pioneer of Ribero Judo and Eduardo Marco, Director of the Navarra School.

Felix Pastor, as a surprise, did not forget his teachers, making a present to Adrián Muela and Iris Gil (a wakizasi for each one) Rebeca Rodríguez and Antº Martínez (A katana) Miguel Arcos (asking them at the National Gala for the Black Belt of Gold for his career in Judo Navarro) and Malu Ardoiz (requesting another award for his work and effort)

Plaques of gratitude were also delivered to the Presidents Raúl and Josetxo and to Edu Marco Director of the school for their trust in Félix and his excellent team.

Federation Award to the Shogun

Finally, all the students present there delivered another gift to Pastor, for his sporting career.

Félix Pastor, Teacher and Technical Director of the Judo and Def Department. Shogun’s staff, he thanks all his teachers and friends, all the work and effort in achieving such an activity, filling the Tudela Pavilion with a good atmosphere and sportsmanship.

He also thanks the sponsors for making the “45 Years of the Shogun of Tudela” celebrated.

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