Salvadoran Athlete Uriel Canjura to Compete in Badminton at San Salvador 2023 Games

Uriel Canjura of badminton who will participate in the San Salvador 2023 Games

The National Sports Institute (INDES) released the list of Salvadoran athletes in rowing, BMX cycling, surfing, gymnastics, fencing, 3X3 basketball and badminton who will participate in the San Salvador 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games that will begin tomorrow at 7 pm with the inauguration at the Jorge “Mágico” González stadium.

In the case of rowing, the Salvadorans who will participate are: Marcos Palomo (Mixed MIX4 and two pairs of M2X men’s sculls), Anne Sirois (One pair of W1X women’s sculls, Mixed MIX4, Four pairs of W4X women’s sculls and two pairs of women’s W2X sculls), Karla Calvo (Four pairs of W4X women’s sculls), Roberto López (Mixed MIX4, two pairs of M2X men’s sculls and one pair of M1X men’s sculls), Miguel Morán (one pair of sculls men’s lightweight LM1X).

Andrea Rivas and Dora Escobar (two pairs of women’s lightweight LW2X sculls), Adriana Escobar (one pair of women’s lightweight LW1X sculls and four pairs of women’s W4X sculls) and Ariana Townsend (Mixed W1X4, four pairs of women’s sculls W4X and two pairs of women’s short oars W2X). Rowing will compete in the Salvadoran Club of Lake Ilopango from June 24 to 28.

In the Ccycling BMX race, which will compete at the Complejo Ecuestre de San Andrés in Santa Ana on July 7, will be represented by: Alejandra Martínez, Christopher Delgado and Gerardo Peña.

In addition, the surf that will take place in the Punta Roca beach in Puerto de La Libertad from June 24 to 29 and will have Salvadorans in the shortboard category Julissa Moody, Fabiola Salmerón, Bryan Alas and Porfirio Miranda, likewise, Sindy Portillo and Amado Guevara will compete in longboard, and Jorge Romero will compete in bodyboard prone.

On the other hand, the gymnastics to be carried out in the Ciudad Merliot Sports Complex in the case of the rhythmic modality, to be held from June 30 to July 3, will participate: Ariana Rosales and Isabella Orellana (hoop, ball, ribbon and masses). The category artistic to develop from June 21 to 28 They will be: Pablo Velásquez, Paola Ruano, Alexa Grande and Carmina Chávez. Then, on trampoline there will only be the representative Jessica Hernández of the July 6 to 7.

While, fencing will take place at the University of El Salvador from July 2 to 7 and will participate: Ernest Hunter (men’s team sabers), Óscar Anaya and David Naranjo (men’s individual saber and team), Saúl Villacorta and Mihail Salmerón (men’s individual epee and team), Alexis Molina (men’s team epee), Carlos Ceceña (individual foil and men’s teams), Óscar Mejía (foil men’s teams).

In the case of the women’s fencing branch, there will be: Odalis Maldonado and Fátima Tobar (individual saber and women’s teams), Patricia Soto (women’s team epee), Dayanna Ramírez and Krissia Molina (individual épée and women’s teams), Eva García (women’s team saber women’s teams), Ivannia Carballo and Ariana Fuentes (individual foil and women’s teams), and Irene Mena (women’s team foil).

The Salvadoran delegation of 3X3 basketball, which will take place from June 30 to July 2 at the Plaza Merlio Shopping Centert, in the female branch they will be: Paola Campos, Yashary Hernández, Camila Lima and Laura Rivas. While the male branch: William Merino, Benjamín Colocho, Luis Escoto and Andrés Arias.

Finally, badminton that will take place at the El Polvorín Sports Complex from July 1 to 7 will have the Salvadoran medalist, Uriel Canjura (men’s doubles, mixed teams and individual), in the same modalities will be Javier Alas, the rest will be: Kenneth Suria (men’s doubles, mixed doubles and mixed team), Manuel Mejía (men’s doubles and mixed team ).

Fátima Centeno and Margareth Revelo (women’s doubles, mixed doubles and mixed teams), Daniela Hernández and Gabriela Barrios (women’s doubles, individual and mixed team).

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