Recognition to the AB Monesterio collective for its 14 years promoting local basketball

The IV Sports Gala paid tribute to the AB Monesterio basketball association. During the morning of Sunday, June 4, around 350 people practiced sports in unison, through an activity designed to promote local all its varieties, associated with the promotion of all the benefits that, for health, and at any age, sports practice brings.

Monesterio can boast of having a wide associative fabric, which includes more than a dozen entities dedicated to the promotion and practice of sports. The Sports Gala arose from the need to value the work of these groups, the private companies dedicated to offering this type of service and those other activities that are offered by the municipal entity.

Five hours

In this edition, for five hours, using natural resources and municipal sports infrastructures, hundreds of athletes practiced paddle tennis, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cairn, bodyjump, bodycobat, table tennis, badminton, skating, hiking, cycling and For the first time, the local equestrian center opened its doors to offer guided tours of its facilities.

The activities had as their epicenter the Multipurpose Pavilion of the Fairgrounds, a place where, after the intense day, the institutional act was held, in which the cooperation of the collaborating entities in this edition was publicly recognized: Corona chica – Piñón Grande, AB Monesterio, peña cairn ‘El Chorrito’, Monesterio Tennis Association, Monesterio Paddle Association, AMPA ‘El Llano’, ‘Centaurea Tentudaica’ Hiking Association, Sports Revitalization of the Commonwealth of Tentudía, Tentugym, Monesterio Municipal Soccer School and ‘El Estribo’ equestrian club. The commemorative plaques were delivered by the acting councillors, from the Sports, Culture and Human Resources areas, Francisco Javier Granadero, Loli Vargas and Eloy Sánchez, respectively.

Recognition of AB Monesterio at the IV Monesterio Sports Gala Rafael Molina


Every year the organization pays homage to an athlete or a local association. In this edition, the sport award went to the AB Monesterio basketball association. The collective has been promoting basketball in the town for 14 years. Its president, Dani Vasco, has shown her “appreciation for this recognition, which helps us to continue working for Monesterio basketball.”

Vasco, recalls that the association arose from the need to have a senior men’s team. “We were a group of friends. A few of us would get together to hang out and we decided to join federations to enter the official competition”. They decided to form the club, and little by little, “we were absorbing” the different teams that had the AMPAS of the Primary school and the Institute. Some of those senior players who set up the club became coaches. They currently have a full-fledged basketball school, with more than a hundred girls, boys, adolescents and youth federatedconverted, to this day, into one of the local sports associations with the largest number of participants.

icing on the season

The award comes to them in a very special year. It must be remembered that the association has completed a magnificent season, placing some of its Children’s teams in Cup finals. In addition, the Cadet has been among the top 8 in Extremadura. To all this, it is added that this same year, one of his players, Pedro Sánchez Silva, was signed by San Antonio Cáceres Baloncesto, developing a great season, which has earned him the distinction as “most valuable player in the Judex final.” Gold”.

The recognition has been “very well valued” among the members of the association, although for them, their best reward is “the perseverance and dedication of our players, the support of their families, and seeing the stands of the Municipal Sports Center full, game days.”

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