Michal Sadílek miss de return tegen Sparta in de…

Michal Sadilek
Foto: © Pro Shots

FC Twente faces Sparta in the final of the play-offs. In Rotterdam, the team is currently 1-0 behind, but that is not the only setback. Michal Sadílek got a yellow card.

Now that in itself is not particularly news, but in the case of Sadílek it is. The Czech received a yellow card earlier in the play-offs, which means that this yellow card will put him on a suspension. Sadílek has to miss the return against Sparta in the Grolsch Veste.

Trainer Ron Jans has to do it in-house without the defensive midfielder. However, the coach has some replacements on the bench. For example, a midfield with Ramiz Zerrouki, Sem Steijn and Michel Vlap could be an option, while Mathias Kjolo could also replace the Czech directly.


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