“Maybe Spurs should…”: the lunar tweet after Wembanyama’s performance!

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Although struggling at the start, Victor Wembanyama woke up to offer the Mets a qualification in the final. Many were logically impressed, when others felt that the Frenchman disappointed. To the point of inviting the Spurs to modify their plans.

There is no doubt that the Spurs must have enjoyed the match between the Mets and Asvel this Sunday, for a place in the final. First of all because the meeting was crazy, with enormous suspense, but above all because Victor Wembanyama succeeded a great end to the game, allowing Vincent Collet’s men to have a chance for the title. Own.

Wembanyama disappoints some fans

The game was not easy for Victor, however, clumsy enough for more than 20 minutes to raise his voice to increase the lead of the Mets. Nevertheless, some fans were quite disappointed with his performance…to the point of asking Spurs to reconsider picking him in the next draft. And it’s not kidding.

He doesn’t look that strong, maybe Spurs should ignore him and maybe he’ll drop to fourth

Not impressed, Spurs really should skip this guy

It must be recognized that it was not the best performance, diminished by some health problems as a reminder. That didn’t stop him from finishing strong and sending his team to the final. It’s strong for a 19-year-old, who has shown he can score while protecting his circle. Spurs and top scouts must have enjoyed this show in the end.

Wemby controls the game from both sides of the floor

Will Spurs snub Victor Wembanyama? Probably not. We can even say that this Game 4 against Asvel must confirm the franchise in its choice. The French still hit hard, even if the job in these playoffs is not finished.

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