“KD to the Warriors? You would understand after spending a week at…”

Even today, Kevin Durant continues to be castigated for his departure to Golden State in 2016. But a former opponent of the 2014 MVP has fiercely defended him lately, with remarks that must have made more than one fan talk about it. the orange ball. KD on the contrary must have appreciated the support…

Seven years later, it is still the biggest black spot on the CV of Kevin Durant in the eyes of many people. His departure in 2016 from the Thunder to the Warriors continues to cause ink to flow, the winger having been erected as the supreme symbol of betrayal after that when his team had just lost to the Dubs in the playoffs. Even his relationship with ex-teammate Russell Westbrook has been affected.

However, the Slim Reaper has probably never regretted his choice since he won two titles in the Bay of San Francisco. Some of his former peers continue to support him, like Damjan Rudez. The one who played 170 games in the NBA had thus recalled in an interview that the winger was then leaving a very small market for a large engine and above all, that it stood from a human point of view:

KD defended by a former player on his departure from the Thunder

KD has the power to choose the city in which he can live and play, and I respect that. No offense, you’d understand if you were going to pass Oklahoma City for at least a week if you’ve never been there. Then go to New York or San Francisco. I think that would be enough to make his decisions much more obvious, and people would definitely see his legacy from a different perspective.

NBA players are human beings too. Too many people forget that. I understand and support KD, and it seems like he’s mentally fine now, allowing him to do what’s best for himself and not for others.

We imagine that Thunder supporters will hardly appreciate this sensational outing on their beloved city…

Passed by the Magic, the Timberwolves or the Pacers, Rudez knows a lot about the small markets and the lack of exposure of which they are victims, which makes it difficult for them to attract superstars. That Durantula wanted to change his environment to increase his chances of the title therefore hardly surprises him, the Croatian taking the opportunity to address a big tackle to another superstar of the league:

KD is the embodiment of the new NBA which is now a league of players. He made the most of the current circumstances and did what was best for him. To me, his decisions make perfect sense. In contrast, what Damian Lillard is doing doesn’t make sense to me, with his decision to stay in Portland with almost no chance of winning a title.

Having played exclusively in small markets himself, Damjan Rudez has an idea of ​​the subject he is dealing with and if he does not mince his words, his reasoning holds. Kevin Durant must regret his decision all the less since he got away with two championship titles at the Warriors, which might not have been possible at OKC.

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