IWBF Dubai World Championships: Downhill debut for Italy. Overwhelmed the Arab Emirates 101-33

Italy of Wheelchair basketball respect the predictions of the eve and start your own World Championship in the best way, scrambled the landlords of the United Arab Emirates 101 to 33, in the opening match of the world championship event hosted by Dubai World Trade Centre.

Game virtually closed already after a one-way first quarter, which coach Di Giusto’s Italy starts with the quintet made up of the very young Boganelliyes Saidcome on long Papi e Bedzeti and by the captain Carossino.

Too much physical and technical difference with the opponents, who find themselves down by more than 20 points after less than 10 minutes. He rotates extensively from the blue bench during the match, with the first baskets in a World Cup by Minella and by Boganelli (which will close with 4 points on the scoresheet) to underline. At the final siren, the most eloquent fact is that all 12 Azzurri will have scored at least one basket, with Julius Papi best scorer with 15 points in just 16 minutes on the parquet.

Satisfied with the technician Charles Di Giusto at the end of the game:

Affordable game against an opponent not up to par, but we knew it. It was important to approach the tournament well but also on the playing field and I am satisfied to have received positive responses from everyone, even from those who unfortunately may not have ample playing time in the next matches”.

Among the faces of the blue success there is certainly Joel Boganellione of the youngest in the World Cup: “I was really excited before the match started, but then once I started playing I tried to concentrate as much as possible. We played well but now from the next one we will have to do even more”.


Italia: Popes 15, Bedzeti 14, Carossino 13, Raourahi 10, Giaretti 9, De Maggi 8, Ghione 8, Cavagnini 7, Tanghe 7, Saaid 4, Boganelli 4, Minella 2.

on the cover Enrico Ghione vs EUA Photocredits: FIPIC Communication Office

2023-06-10 07:00:21
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