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The Malagasy judokate, Laura Rasoanaivo-Razafy (-70kg lady), has the status of favorite at the Madrid Open (Spain) among seniors, today.
The Madagascar champion finds herself in 80th place in the world this week, after falling two places. Her rank allows her to be among the three best ranked judokas in the running at this Madrid Open and makes her the number 3 seed. For her first steps on the tatami, Laura Rasoanaivo-Razafy will be the only African judoka entered in the alongside 18 other fighters from 9 countries of the old continent such as Spain, host of the meeting, France, the Netherlands, Germany or Italy.
As usual, the rising star of Malagasy judo will try to glean the maximum number of points, with a view to qualifying for the next Olympic Games (OG) in Paris in 2024. Currently, according to the special Olympic Games ranking of the Federation International Judo (IJF), Laura Rasoanaivo-Razafy is in 67th place with 135 points. As a result, she is temporarily the only qualified African in the continental quota.
Since the start of the season, she has played four international tournaments, including three Open competitions in Africa punctuated by two gold medals and a bronze medal as well as the World Championship where she was eliminated from the start. A good run on Madrid soil this weekend will consolidate the place of the representative of the Big Island in the continental quota in her quest for an Olympic qualification.

Double impact

Laura Rasoanaivo-Razafy is leading an incredible campaign on the international scene. In addition to the race for Olympic qualification among seniors, a fierce battle at a distance against the best fighters among juniors is also underway. After losing the world number one spot a few weeks ago, she is currently on her way to reclaiming the throne. Only 36 units separate her from the German Samira Bock (536 points) at the top of the table.


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