Former Chinese men’s soccer player Xu Yunlong parachuted into “Different Sports 7” in the closing battle of the Chinese Super League “old opponent” who started to fight for football skills from the young players in youth·中国

Source title: Xu Yunlong, the former national football player of the Chinese men’s football team, parachuted into the final battle of “Different Sports 7”.

After the wonderful competition of young champions in nine sports such as basketball, badminton, taekwondo, table tennis, fencing, gymnastics, track and field, volleyball, and roller skating, “Sports is Different 7” has produced nine individual sports champions. At 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, Xu Yunlong, the former national football player of the Chinese men’s football team, came to the finale night of Golden Eagle Cartoon Yipin’s pure goat milk powder “Sports is Different 7”, and played with Zheneng Greentown Football Team, Shandong Taishan Football Team and Guangzhou Evergrande Football Team The youth players of the team competed for their skills, and the youthful blood was ignited on the green field. The future of Chinese football can be expected. Mai Card TV broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

The football competition among young players in youth training is tense Chinese Super League“Old opponents” master tricks

The young football players who came to participate in this issue of “Different Sports 7” are all well-known. They are all youth training players of the ace clubs of the Chinese Football Association Super League, Zheneng Greentown Football Team, Shandong Taishan Football Team, and Guangzhou Evergrande Football Team. Solid skills and tacit teamwork are already the reserve for future Chinese national team football players. The “different” ball game between the strong has been upgraded wonderfully, and the battle is fierce.

In the “Ball and Ball” challenge, our former international footballer Xu Yunlong assisted the Shandong Taishan Football Team led by Big Fish and the Zhejiang Energy Greentown Football Team led by Brother E to kick the ball to grab the basket. In order to increase the difficulty of the former international football team, Big Fish arranged the championship “trap” size kick, and asked Xu Yunlong to change into cartoon slippers to play football, which greatly affected the feeling of the feet and the difficulty coefficient increased sharply. However, as the game whistle blew, Xu Yunlong kicked the ball firmly and easily into the basket to lead the game. However, Yuan Xin, a young footballer of Zheneng Greentown Football Team, did not give up the game, but kept trying steadily, and at the last moment Also trying to tie the score. Under the technical guidance of senior Xu Yunlong, Yuan Xin found the feeling of playing football in the second game. With Xu Yunlong and Xu Yunlong each occupying one of the three fairways, he and Xu Yunlong mainly attacked the third fairway. You come and go He kicked the ball into the basket and stretched to the limit. The battle situation could be called a “fairy fight”. In the end, can he win a round at the critical moment? What kind of wonderful skills will the follow-up young football players show to catch up? At 7:00pm this Saturday, the Super Youth Training Competition of “Different Sports 7” starts in Different Sports! Mai Card TV broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

Xu Yunlong meets old friends of the national football team and brings young football players to a wonderful match

In addition to the wonderful young football players, an interesting incident happened on the field of “Different Sports 7”. In the “Ball to the Net” session, Xu Yunlong helped Guangzhou Evergrande Football Team to play against Shandong Taishan Football Team’s young football players and coaches. Unexpectedly, the coach of Shandong Taishan Football Team Han Peng turned out to be Xu Yunlong’s old national football player. Change the opponent and lead the football captains to fight for their respective teams. Xu Yunlong and young football player Lan Chang cooperated tacitly. Lan Chang headed the ball into the net in the frontcourt, and Xu Yunlong’s defender controlled the ball and passed the ball, winning the score again and again. Coaches Han Peng and Zhu Qixuan of the Shandong Taishan football team mainly focus on passing and controlling the ball.

Football competition is not only about speed and ball control, but also a game of teamwork and tactical strategy. Every cheer and shout on the green field is the burning of blood and soul. “Different Sports 7” is a different football game Let everyone see the extraordinary strength of young football players in youth training, and they are also full of confidence in the future of Chinese football.

This Saturday at 7:00 pm, Golden Eagle cartoon Yipin pure goat milk powder “Sports is Different 7” final battle, cheer for the young football player! Cheer for Chinese football! Mai Card TV broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

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