WC hockey 2023 | Gergö Nagy will also be among the elite of the World Cup in the third participation of Hungary in the last 15 years

V Petrohradu will also present defensemen Zsombor Garát from Budapest, Bence Szirányi from Miškovce, Bence Stipsicz and forwards Istvánem Bartalisem, Csanádem Erdélym from Székesfehérváru from the international Rakouské ligy ICEHL, another forward Vilmos Galló from Linköpingu, Dániel Kóger from Corony Brašov, Garátův club player Krisztián Nagy, Balázs Sebök z Ilvesu Tampere a István Sofron z Csíkszeredy.

Defender Karol Csányi, who plays for Zvolen in the Slovak extra league, is a native of Komárno, started playing hockey in Nové Zámce and represented Slovakia in youth. He played in the Czech Republic for Kladno in youth and Chomutov in juniors. He also has two matches for Lvo Poprad in the KHL. He started representing Hungary in the 2014/15 season. So far he has played at the World Cup in 2017 in Group A of Division I.

Another compatriot, Galló, played in the elite Swedish league in addition to Linköping and for Timra and Lulea in 255 games and scored 71 points (40+31). He also worked in Finland in the KooKoo Kouvola team and had 81 points (35+46) in 110 duels. Sebök played 442 games in the Finnish top flight, where he also played in Kalpa Kuopio and collected 220 (57+163). Forward Kristóf Papp plays in North America at Northern Michigan University in the NCAA.

The Sport.cz editorial team will offer fans regular coverage of the Czech team’s matches during the World Hockey Championship. In the studio, a selected expert from among hockey personalities and the editor of Sport.cz will discuss the given match with the moderator. Studio Příklep extra will always start fifty minutes before the initial throw-in.

Goalkeepers Gergely Arany from Ferencvárosi TC and Dominik Horváth from Székesfehérvár, defenders Bence Szabó from Budapest and Zétény Hadobás from Västeras from the second Swedish league will appear at the World Cup for the first time.

The Hungarians will enter the tournament on Saturday at 15:20 CET against Denmark, then in the basic group A in Tampere they will face the USA, France, Sweden, home country Finland, Germany and Austria.

Nomination of Hungarian hockey players for the WC in Tampere and Riga
Gergely Arany (Ferencváros TC/Erste Liga)
Bence Balizs (Jastrzebie/Poland)
Dominik Horváth (Székesfehérvár/ICEHL).
Szombor Garát,
Tamás Pozsgai,
Bence Szabó (all Budapest HC/Erste Liga)
Milán Horváth,
Bence Stipsicz (oba Székesfehérvár/ICEHL)
Roland Kiss,
Bence Szirányi (both DVTK Miškovec/Erste Liga)
Nándor Fejes (Gyergyói/Erste Liga/Rum.)
Zétény Hadobás (Västeras/Swed.).
István Bartalis,
Csanád Transylvania,
János Hári,
István Terbócs (Székesfehérvár, Všichni/ICEHL)
Karol Csányi (Zvolen/SR)
Vilmos Galló (Linköping/Swed.)
Dániel Kóger (Corona Brasov/Erste Liga/Romania)
Gergö Nagy (Ferencváros TC/Erste Liga)
Krisztián Nagy (Budapest HC/Erste Liga)
Christopher Papp (Northern Michigan University/NCAA)
Balázs Sebök (Ilves Tampere/Fin.)
István Sofron (Csíkszereda/Erste Liga/Rum.)
Péter Vincze (Gyergyói/Erste Liga/Rum.).

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