Shin Gye-yong, Mayor of Gwacheon, “Congratulations on the 33rd Gwacheon City Association Long-term Badminton Competition”

“264 players from 10 badminton clubs participated”

Photo source = Shin Gye-yong’s Facebook page.

[로컬라이프] Reporter Song Joon-hyeong = Gwacheon Mayor Shin Gye-yong congratulated the opening of the 33rd Gwacheon City Association Long-Term Badminton Competition on the 28th.

On this day, Mayor Shin posted on his Facebook page, Gwacheon-si badminton fans who love badminton! Congratulations on hosting the ‘Badminton Competition’, and 264 players from 10 badminton clubs in the city participated in today’s competition.

At the same time, show off your honed skills to your heart’s content, and have fun in a healthy competition! safety! happily! He said he hoped it would be time to exercise.

In addition, Mayor Shin said that he would continue to fulfill his responsibility for the health and happiness of citizens, fighting.

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2023-05-28 14:33:25
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