Pro D2: Grenoble in demi-finals

Faller of Vannes, Grenoble ensures its direct qualification for the semi-finals of Pro D2. Despite his defeat on the lawn of Oyonnax and while Carcassonne dominated Provence Rugby, Soyaux-Angoulême saved his place in extremis at the expense of the Audois.

The Pro D2 regular season has delivered its verdict. If it was certain that Oyonnax was going to finish first and that Massy was going to be relegated, the hot spots were numerous on the eight lawns during this 30th and last day. At the top of the table, it is a distance duel that has settled between Grenoble and Mont-de-Marsan with the second direct ticket for the semi-finals as a stake. On their lawn, the Isérois did not tremble when receiving Vannes, which remained on eight straight wins. The yellow card received by Théo Beziat on the action of the first try signed Eric Escande hurt the Bretons. Luka Goginava took the opportunity to add to the bill. Eric Escande went there with his double before the break.

The RCV only reacted in the last 20 minutes with Michael Ruru then Nathanaël Hulleu who went to queen. With this victory (27-17), the FCG got out of reach of Mont-de-Marsan. After conceding a 10-0 in the first 20 minutes, the Montois blew up Rouen with four tries before the break. Three others in the last quarter of an hour were not enough to reverse the trend. Despite this victory (47-17), Mont-de-Marsan will have to go through the play-offs, just like the Vannetais.

Mont-de-Marsan and Nevers at home in the play-offs

However, Stade Montois will have the home advantage against Agen. Traveling to Béziers, the SUA concluded the regular season with a poor performance which deprived it of such an honor. Having no other stake than honor, the Héraultais started with a bang with three tries in the first period then a fourth at the start of the second act. At the start of the last ten minutes, the Agenais tried to react but it was too late to hope for anything other than a heavy setback (41-14). Vannes, for its part, will have no choice but to move next Thursday on the lawn of Nevers.

The USON, for its part, filled up on offensive benchmarks with a show of force during the reception of Montauban. If the first quarter of an hour saw the scorers get into action, it was no less than five tries that the Neversois scored until halftime. A sixth came as the game approached, before the tenants of the Cuvette de Sapiac saved the honor eight minutes from the siren. Thanks to this success (48-13), Nevers secures its fourth placejust two points from direct qualification for the semi-finals.

Carcassonne relegated to National

Beyond the second place in the ranking, the main issue of this last day concerned the maintenance in Pro D2. Before this 30th and final day, Carcassonne was four points behind Soyaux-Angoulême, who had the honor of traveling to Oyonnax. A bonus point could make the happiness of Angoumoisins and it was at the last second that it was snatched. After 45 minutes which saw the two teams go blow for blow, the Oyonnaxiens secured victory at the start of the last ten by Kévin Lebreton. However, at the end of the suspense, Nicolas Martins went to snatch the defensive bonus during this narrow defeat (33-31).

On the side of Carcassonne, this scenario turned out to be bitter during the reception of Provence Rugby. Thanks to a perfect first half, with four tries scored, USC believed in maintaining until the end. Despite the expulsion of Jordan Puletua a quarter of an hour from the end of the meeting, the Audois held on to obtain an improved victory (34-14). However, the two defeats conceded against Soyaux-Angoulême turn the equality of points in favor of Angoumoisins, who remain in Pro D2. A year after qualifying in the play-offs, Carcassonne will join the National. Massy, ​​bottom of the championship, ended his season with a 23rd defeat at Colomiers (47-14) when Aurillac corrected Biarritz (38-12) to end the exercise on a good note.

From May 11 to 27, 2023

Thursday, May 11, 2023
21h00 : Nevers (4) – Valves (5)

Friday, May 12, 2023
21h00 : Mont-de-Marsan (3) – Agen (6)

Semi-finals – Saturday May 20, 2023
Match 1 – 15h00 : Oyonnax (1) – Nevers (4) or Vannes (5)
Match 2 – 21h05 : Grenoble (2) – Mont-de-Marsan (3) or Agen (6)

Final – Saturday May 27, 2023 (at Stade Ernest-Wallon in Toulouse)
21:05: Winner Match 1 – Winner Match 2

The winner will be crowned champion of France and will be promoted to the Top 14. The finalist will receive the 13th of the Top 14 on Saturday June 3 at 5:00 p.m. with the second ticket for the elite at stake.


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